"The only thing better than singing is more singing." - Ella Fitzgerald

Competition Categories

For all categories, choirs are required to prepare 3 songs subject to the following requirements:


Category A1, A2 and B1


One composition/arrangement by a composer of the choir’s country or region.

One composition/arrangement by a composer not of the choir’s country or region.

One free choice.


Category A3 and B2


One original composition by a composer born before 1870.

One original composition by a composer born in or after 1870.

One free choice.


Category C


Three original compositions by composers of the choir’s country or cultural region.   


There is no restriction on the number of songs sung with or without original accompaniment. There is no age restriction on participants competing in Open Category.

Rules & Regulations


The Winter Choral Festival is only open to non-professional choirs. A minimum of 25 participants is required to compete with the exclusion of the conductor and instrumentalist (if any). There is no upper limit to the number of participants a choir may have.



There is no limit to the number of categories a choir may compete in. However, no singer is allowed to sing twice in the same category under the direction of a different conductor or choir.


Age Limit:

Singers must not reach the age limit that is given in the competition category in the year of competition, in this case 2017. However, a maximum of 10% of the total choir members can exceed this age limit provided there is a valid reason.



The competition programme including song title and composer must be submitted to the Winter Choral Festival™ by 30th September 2017 for confirmation from the Artistic Director that the category requirements are met. There will be no change in the programme once it is submitted and approved. When a choir competes in multiple categories, all song titles performed in the categories must vary.


Original Scores:

All participating choirs are required to submit 3 original copies of each performance piece to the Winter Choral Festival for the purpose of adjudication. These scores should be labeled clearly with the school and choir name. All scores will be returned to the school after adjudication is complete. All published choral works may only be sung using original copies. The use of unauthorised/reproduced copies is strictly not allowed.


All scores are to be submitted upon arrival in Hong Kong to the festival organisers. Further details will be given closer to the commencement of the festival.


Change of Key:

All songs for the competition must be performed in original key in accordance to the score submitted. No transpositions are allowed.


Singing Time:

The pure singing time limit for each category is as allocated. This time limit excludes the time incurred by applause or by entering/exiting the stage. In event the allotted time limit is surpassed, a penalty will be deducted from the final score of the choir based on the discretion of the artistic panel.

Video/sound engineering:

Any use of unauthorised video or sound recording, sound amplification of voices or instruments other than the setup provided at the competition venue is strictly prohibited.



Apart from point classification, written comments from the jury will be provided to the choirs after the announcement of results.

Adjudication & Evaluation

The jury will consist of 3 judges.


The decision of the jury is final and cannot be contested.

Each song performed will be assessed on a 100-point scale based on the following criteria:


Artistic Performance (50 points) – Fidelity to score and Interpretation, Phrasing and Musicality


Technical Performance (50 points) – Blending and Balance, Pitch and Sense of Rhythm, Tone Colour and Choral Sound.


There will also be an Overall Impression Score - Choice of Programme and Overall Artistic Presentation, of 100 points per choir.


The total score for the choir is derived from the sum of the individual score of the 3 songs and the overall impression score.


The final score is determined by the average of the total score of the 3 judges. According to the number of points attained, the jury will award the choirs based on the following:


  • Bronze:     A score of 40 – 59.99 points

  • Silver:       A score of 60 – 79.99 points

  • Gold:        A score of 80 – 100 points


A diploma indicating the level of achievement will be presented to the choir during the announcement of results.


Choirs that do not attain a score of at least Bronze will be awarded with a Certificate of Participation.

Non-Competitive Choral Programmes


 All participating choirs will be allowed to sign up for a clinic session with any of the adjudicators. The clinic will be 1.5 hours long and choice of clinician is based on a first-come first-served basis.


Inter-choir exchange, Mass Workshops and Friendship Concert

Concurrent to on-going clinic sessions, there will be opportunities for participating choirs to have inter-choir exchanges and perform for each other in a relaxed setting for enrichment and networking. There will also be a special mass workshop conducted by the Festival Chairman and Artistic Director.


Disney Performing Arts

Choirs can opt to take part in Disney Performing Arts where your choir will showcase their talents to an international crowd in the Park.


(Applicable for singers age 21 and below only. Subject to availability)

Participation Requirements

Registration Fees:


  • First category of competition: SGD300

  • Subsequent categories of competition: SGD150


Registration fees are non-refundable and payable upon application.


Biography/Photograph of the Choir and Conductor

As part of the festival requirement, all participating choirs are required to submit a biography of the Choir and Conductor to be included in the festival programme book. An accompanying photograph of the Choir in landscape format as well as the Conductor's photograph are also required.


Application and Closing Date

Entries for the Winter Choral Festival should be completed and sent in by 31 August 2017.


Festival Fees

Individual participants are also required to pay a festival fee that is indicated in the following section.

Festival Fees & Package Inclusion

Please contact us to request for festival package & travel information. 

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